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Disney Crossy Road – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Disney Crossy Road is the latest in Disney’s assault on the top charts of the App Store. This game takes the gameplay of Crossy Road, as well as the voxelated graphic style, and drops numerous Disney worlds into it, from Big Hero 6’s Sanfransokyo to Andy’s house from Toy Story, and more. You can collect coins and characters, find secret characters to unlock, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Disney Crossy Road!

Just like with the original, the goal here is to get a high score and collect coins. Being that there are so many worlds from the movies here, though, there are a whole lot of new obstacles to take into account. Many of the obstacles are unique to the level which they appear on, such as the rolling blocks in Andy’s house, but there are common ones too, such as (obviously) roads and cars that cross them.

Aside from collecting coins in the levels themselves, you can earn them from the free gifts. Set the time ahead in the game in order to speed up the earning of free gifts. Plus, you will occasionally receive an offer to watch a video in exchange for 20 coins.

When you get to 100 coins you’ll be able to get a new character from the gumball machine, and considering how many characters there are in this game, it’s going to be very unlikely that you’ll find repeats for quite awhile. Plus, there are several secret characters in the game that can be found by completing specific actions within the levels themselves.

Look for boosts to appear in each level that are specific to that level. For example, in Big Hero 6, you’ll see rings of energy appear randomly throughout the course. Jump inside of one and you’ll be launched ahead at high speed, landing on a safe spot about 50 points up from where you jumped into the ring. Hit as many of these as possible for a sky high score.

Many of the hidden characters will require you to get a “great score” with one character or another. The way to do this is to come within 80% to 90% of your high score, or more (up to and including breaking your high score). The percentage tends to be lower depending on how high your top score on that particular stage is, so keep your scores low if you want to make it easier to get great scores for a quest purpose.

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