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Living Legends – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Living Legends is a new game by the San Diego Zoo that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the zoo. It can best be described as Cut The Rope on steroids. You use swiping action to cut the rope that the food is hanging from, try to collect the various pieces of nob-glowing food that give you stars, and collect photos as well, which give you the backstory on various famous animals from the zoo. Read on for some tips and tricks for Living Legends!

Oddly enough for a game of this type, there are absolutely no in-app purchases or ads of any kind aside from ads for the zoo itself. That means that there are no power-ups in this game. You’re going to have to do all of the cutting yourself in order to earn the one to three stars that you need in order to pass the level.

Many of the levels will have unique obstacles, such as the large stones that hang from vines in the Lion levels. You’ll have to cut ropes in the right order, with just the right timing, in order to earn the stars and beat the level. If one arrangement doesn’t work, then cut the ropes in a different order, and take advantage of other factors as well (such as the frogs in the Giant Panda levels).

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You need a specific number of stars in order to unlock levels from a new animal. If you need to go back and get more stars, start with the oldest levels first as they are the ones that tend to be the easiest. Once you get three stars in one old leave, switch to a newer level. Keep going for as long as it takes to get enough stars to unlock the new set of levels.

The levels which have a photograph next to the level number are the levels where you can find one of the famous animals of the zoo. You’ll get to see pictures as well as their back story. You still have to get the food into the animal’s mouth after you collect the photo; however, you will not need to collect any extra food to win with the photo.

Some of the animals in the game are listed as coming soon. That means that they will show up whenever the developer gets around to adding them to the game. Keep on the lookout for updates as the next update will likely carry more of these animals with it, as well.