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Disney Crossy Road: Secret Character Unlocks (Alice Through the Looking Glass update), page 2

Vegetable Soldier (Alice Through the Looking Glass) – Play as the Green Army Man in Toy Story and when you see the magnifying glass shine its ray down, jump into it and you will get melted. You’ll unlock the Vegetable Soldier. Wilkins (Alice Through the Looking Glass) – Unlock Time, then play as Time and […Read More]

Disney Crossy Road: How to unlock the secret mystery characters, page 6

The Jungle Book update has had more than just Jungle Book characters added to the game. There’s multiples from other worlds, too. Credit for these unlocks goes to DaMobileMob on Youtube. Read on for the methods to unlock more hidden characters in Disney Crossy Road! Mufasa (The Lion King): To unlock Mufasa, first, unlock Simba […Read More]