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Smashy Road: Wanted – How to unlock all of the legendary, epic and rare cars

Smashy Road: Wanted is a game that looks like Crossy Road and plays like a miniature Grand Theft Auto. It’s a sequel to the far less famous Smashy Road, but it adds an entirely new twist. Your goal is to run from the police, who are trying to ram you and destroy you, for as long as possible, destroying their own cars in the process. You can get a ton of cars in this game, from rare to epic to legendary cars. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to unlock every single car and type of car in Smashy Road: Wanted!

There are three legendary cars that you can get. One of them is the Money Man truck, which earns you cash 5x faster in the game (not from the ad videos or the free gifts). The second is the F1, which is the fastest car in the game by a long shot. The third is the Tank Destroyer, which can pummel cop cars (and cop trucks, cop tanks, etc) very easily.

All three of the legendary cars can be had from the gacha, just like any of the other cars in the game; they just appear very rarely because there are so few of them in the game. So the only way to get them is to keep rerolling until they appear. Either keep earning free cash and rerolling, or delete and reinstall the game, then reroll from the very beginning gacha pulls.

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The rare and epic cars can also be found in the gacha, and luckily, they are far more common than the legendary ones and have far more performance modifications than the common ones. They often have graphical modifications associated with them as well; earn them, experiment with them and use them to see what they have.

You need 100 cash in order to go for a roll in the gacha, so aside from earning a ton of cash while playing (which is hard to do) you can cheat and get the free gifts (which are supposed to happen 1x per 5 hours) right away by setting the time ahead on your phone, then going back to Smashy Road: Wanted and playing again, and dying. Then the free gift will pop up again.

Or, get an internet connection, die quickly and watch the advertisement videos, which come up on about one out of every two or three deaths. Hit the prompt, watch the video and you will earn about 20-40 coins per video. Do this over and over, reroll in the gacha, and you will slowly but surely unlock every car in the game.

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Click here for the video tutorial on how to get all of the legendary, rare and epic cars in Smashy Road: Wanted
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