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Smashy Road: Wanted – How to unlock all of the legendary, epic and rare cars, page 2

Recently an update to Smashy Road: Wanted has added a LOT more cars to the game. In fact, whereas there used to be 30 total cars, now there are 60 total cars. And plenty of them have special and unique abilities, just like before, except now, even moreso.

To start with, there are now six legendary cars in the game, instead of just three. Just like before, all of them can be found in the gacha by paying 100 in-game cash for a pull. Or you can buy each one of them for $3.99 apiece. Which gets expensive after awhile, but for these cars, it’s worth it.

The new ones are the Rocket Launcher, the Time Machine, and The Beast. The Beast is, like the Tank Destroyer, nearly indestructible. It’s lower to the ground and faster, so it’s also much easier to avoid getting flipped over while you’re smashing up police vehicles and destroying tanks. The Rocket Launcher and the Time Machine have their own kind of special abilities.

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The epic vehicles can all be had from the gacha, and now there’s an even better chance of getting a new vehicle rather than one you already have, due to improved gacha chances with the update. You can buy each epic vehicle for $2.99 apiece. One particular standout is the Rocket Car, which is EXTREMELY fast, moreso than any other car in the game including the F1. The handling can be a bit tricky though, and at full speed, you can literally be buried under objects or plow straight through them, ending your run quickly.

With the rare vehicles, it’s the same thing with the gacha, and you can purchase each one for $1.99 apiece if there is one that you REALLY want to try. One particular highlight here is the Digger, which, due to its sloping front end, allows you to flip cars over when you run into them at full speed, or simply launch them straight into the air. This works especially well for getting through police car barriers if you come up on one too fast without realizing that you’re doing it.

Stay on the lookout for more updates to the game. Each time that Smashy Road: Wanted gets updated, more and more new cars will be added to the mix!

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