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Attack on Time: Top Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Attack on Time is a new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms featuring a whole host of anime Waifu type of girls. You can unlock and collect new heroes, collect all kinds of equipment for each one of them, such as rare, legendary, and mythical weapons, and engage in battles against the computer and against other players. You can also collect coins and gold, in addition to an almost limitless amount of other items.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Attack on Time!

There are always a constant amount of rewards and bonuses that you can unlock for doing almost anything in Attack on Time. In order to collect all of them, simply follow the icons that have red dots over them. If there is a red dot, then there is something to collect, so collect everything possible until the red dots run out.

Battles happen automatically in Attack on Time. Even if you are not battling actively, your characters will be battling and collecting rewards in the background. Go to the story area and tap on the treasure chest to collect these rewards.

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You can also hit the “challenge“ button in order to engage in battles yourself and move on to higher stages. Higher stages mean better rewards and a better chance at unlocking new heroes. If you don’t battle to higher stages, then you’re not going to unlock other game modes.

As you move onto higher stages, you will unlock different side quests that provide unique challenges, and are often far more difficult than the standard battle modes. These challenges can be accessed by tapping on either the “conquest“ button or the “PK“ button on the main screen. With greater difficulty comes greater rewards, such as rare equipment and a chance at limited edition heroes.

Be sure to constantly check your heroes to see if they have higher upgrade levels of equipment available. You will be able to auto equipped them, and if you have better equipment, then the equipment slot will have a red dot next to it. you can also upgrade your equipment, but save your upgrade materials for the rarest equipment of all, such as purple and red tiered equipment.

Whenever you unlock a new character or a new skin, or any other time in Attack on Time, go to your hero and tap on them over and over in order to earn rewards. You can make progress with the hero in order to connect with them better, or you can earn specialized equipment.

Each day that you have Attack on Time, you can earn login rewards. You are not actually required to log in every day; if you miss a day, you will still be able to collect the rewards. You can even miss multiple days in a row and still collect all of the rewards.

Check your mail regularly, because frequently, you will be able to collect special rewards from the mail sent to you within the game. The “read all“ button doesn’t work, so you’re going to have to check each message individually and collect each reward individually.

Whenever your bag fills up, use the fuse function to get rid of old equipment so that you can enhance your newer equipment. You will also often earn rare equipment as a reward when you fuse multiple items together, so be sure not to accidentally get rid of rare items.

Additional rewards can be earned by completing quests. This includes gold, coins, equipment, and even sometimes new characters, so be sure to collect your rewards as often as possible.