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Knights Fight 2: New Blood – Top Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Knights Fight 2: New Blood is a new fighting RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You are a knight doing battle in medieval times against other knights, and your goal is to defeat both computer controlled fighters and fighters controlled by other players. You can earn new equipment and upgrade the equipment that you already have, as well as earn silver and gold.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Knights Fight 2: New Blood!

The controls in battles are detailed in the tutorial, which teaches you how to effectively dodge, block, attack, and counter attack. Beyond that, speed is also your friend; your attack should be fast and relentless and overwhelm the other fighter. By attacking quickly, you can overwhelm other players.

Be sure to also make use of your special attack. You can start unlocking special attacks shortly after the tutorial ends. Be sure to equip them so that you can use them as often as possible in order to gain an advantage.

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The top bar is the Health bar; the bar underneath that is your attack bar. If you attack quickly, you will eventually end up emptying it, so you’re going to want to back off for a bit and focus on dodging attacks in order to recharge the bar. Once it’s recharged, start attacking again.

Whenever you are Victoria in battle, you will earn a chest. The chest takes time to unlock, or you can unlock it instantly by paying gold. This chest will contain silver, equipment, and other sorts of goodies, including free gold.

Whenever you choose a new piece of equipment, be sure to look at what your stats will be before and after equipping it. Even if the number is higher for the main attribute that it upgrades, sometimes it can end up degrading or improving other stat numbers as well.

Equipment can also be upgraded by sacrificing other equipment. The maximum upgrade level of your equipment is determined by the level of your fighter, so if you can’t upgrade your equipment, and fight until you came to a level and then try to upgrade it.

The higher that you climb in the league rankings, the tougher other players will be. If you are too overwhelmed by the current competition or your equipment is not strong enough, then you might want to consider intentionally losing several battles in order to drop your ranking. Once the competition gets easier, then start winning battles to collect equipment and coins.

Alternatively, also be aware that you can go back to the map and engage in battles against computer control characters whenever you want to. These characters are often easier to defeat than characters that are controlled by other players, making these an option if you need some easy money.