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Girls X Battle – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Girls X Battle is a new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. This anime-style mobile RPG puts you in control of a number of cute anime girls as they fight against rivals from other schools and dojos, monsters, and other baddies. You can collect girls, equip them with goodies and upgrade them to fight against other players and against increasingly tougher rivals in the campaigns. Read on for some tips and tricks for Girls X Battle!

Each girl can equip up to six pieces of equipment. When their equipment list is full, they can promote, which increases their stats permanently and sacrifices all of their equipment. When you’re missing equipment, tap on the equipment that’s missing and click on ‘How to get’ and a list of locations where you can win the equipment as a prize will pop up.

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To unlock a new girl, you need the right amount of scrolls. Go to the girls menu and scroll to the right to girls you have yet to acquire, then tap them to see where to get the scrolls. Scrolls are also used to evolve a girl you already have in your party, so go to their profile and tap the “+” button next to her scroll count to see how to get more of her scrolls.

When you unlock a new girl and add her to your party, be sure to level her up so that she can keep up in battles. You’ll acquire experience juice as you go, so when you do, use it on your lowest-level girls, and keep some on hand for when you acquire a new party member. If you need to, go back to an old level and auto-battle it to farm for experience juice, as well as equipment, and coins to buy what you need in the store.

Go through the campaigns as quickly as possible to unlock the rest of the game. The store, for example, unlocks when you complete chapter 2. Other places, such as the work place, the institution, and the quizzes and exams, open up when you reach specific player experience levels.

Add the girls with higher star tiers to your party, even if they are at a lower experience or promotion level. Or use scrolls to evolve your lower-star characters to a higher star tier, which significantly boosts their base statistics. If you do add the new girls to your party, be sure to spend the coins to upgrade their skills so that they are more powerful in battle.