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Tap Campus Life for iPhone: How to recruit more girls, more quickly

Tap Campus Life is all about founding your own sorority, and recruiting as many girls as you can to be a part of that sorority. You begin the game with only yourself and one of your friends as sorority members, but as you move forward in the game, you inevitably recruit more and more girls into the sorority. Read on to find out how to maximize the amount of girls you recruit, how to recruit them faster, and how to recruit them while spending less of your cash.

Each girl that you recruit takes a significant amount of time to recruit, between the various events and parties that you have to throw just to increase her happiness meter and get her to like you enough to even consider joining your sorority. You can speed it up significantly though, depending on which girl you decide to recruit to your sorority.

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The fastest one to recruit is the one who costs the least closet points or house points. This is the one who will need the least amount of happiness points in order to finish recruiting. She won’t be the one who earns you the most money per hour, but she will be the one who joins the quickest. Always go for the cheapest one if your goal is more and more recruits.

You’ll also need to buy more rooms in order to have more girls join, so always buy the smallest available room, since it will be the cheapest room, and the quickest one to build.

In addition, if you go to the upper left of your house, you’ll notice a girl who is standing out in the middle of nowhere, jumping around and waving. Expand all the way up to her and then, once you get there, expand to the space that she is occupying, and she’ll join your sorority right away.


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