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Real Three Kingdoms Tips and tricks guide: Hints, cheats and strategies

Real Three Kingdoms is a new strategy game by Gamevil, Inc, for the iOS and Android. It’s one of the many games to take place in the Three Kingdoms era in China, but this one lets you dive deeper than most into it, as you join one of the three kingdoms, build up your army, battle against other players from the other two kingdoms and increase your ranking. You can even build up alliances for both peacetime and wartime purchases. Read on for tips and tricks for Real Three Kingdoms!

Early on in the game, one of your quests will be to recruit 200 Jang Gan. However, you begin the game with more than enough gold to recruit 9999 Jang Gan (the maximum number that you can recruit of any one soldier), so recruit 9999 Jang Gan immediately to begin the game with a power level of at least 99,990.

Because you’ll be so powerful early on in the game after you do this, you will be able to go to the battle and destroy everybody who you try to fight. So spend all of your AP on battling. Most of your opponents will forfeit because they will be so insanely overmatched, so they will immediately become your colonies.

Because you’ll have so many colonies to begin with, each time you collect taxes you’ll earn MASSIVE amounts of gold and supplies. Use these to upgrade your castle as quickly as your AP will allow. Once you unlock Lu Qian, buy 9999 of him, too, to more than double your power level. Essentially, buy 9999 of every single soldier that you unlock and you’ll be literally unbeatable.

Once you go to the market, don’t buy every soldier type that pops up there, because you’ll only acquire a limited amount, and the ideal is to acquire a gigantic amount of each soldier that you unlock using research. Buy only the most powerful soldiers with the highest count, and buy any of the items that come up, since they’ll be necessary in order to finish your quests.