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Fantasy Quest: Clash of Kingdoms Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Fantasy Quest: Clash of Kingdoms is a new role playing/city building game published by Gamevil. Fans of the old Funzio games such as Crime City and Kingdom Age will recognize much of the gameplay here, except that quest mode has RPG-style battles as opposed to just tap-and-quest gameplay. Nevertheless, the kingdom building, the raids on other players’ kingdoms and other elements of the game combine to make an excellent and sometimes difficult experience. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fantasy Quest: Clash of Kingdoms!

Coins tend to run out fast in the game, and you don’t typically earn too many coins from battles or from raids. Offset this lack of coins by spending your early time in the game building up the coin-collecting buildings in your kingdom. Cheap ways to do so include building more cottages and upgrading them to at least level 3 (or simply leaving them at their initial level, and building more and more of them). Protect all of that money that you earn, too, by not forgetting to build defensive buildings.

When you unlock the archery range and other military buildings and unlock more troops, upgrade their weapons and armor as soon as you can and you’ll have a MUCH easier time in battles. In addition, when they earn skill stones, the first skills to be upgraded should be attacks which poison or set fire to the enemy, or stun them or slow them down. Even with weaker weapons, these attacks have a big impact due to the residual damage that they cause.

If you need to destroy buildings for your raiding quest but you want to conserve your stamina, go to various kingdoms until you find ones with partially destroyed buildings, and then destroy them the rest of the way, so that you use as little stamina as possible. Or, sit in the kingdom and let your stamina restore for awhile, until you finally destroy the buildings that you need to smash.

During the quest battles concentrate on attacking only one enemy at a time. Depending on the batch of enemies you fight, kill the one who either has the highest speed/most frequent attacks, the most deadly attacks, or the lowest hit points first. Then, start concentrating on the other enemies now that the first one is out of the way.