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Golf Star FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, part 5

Welcome to the fifth and final part of the beginner’s guide to Golf Star! Click here to go back to part 4 of the guide.

Back in the previous guide, we began to mention how you can add stat points to your pre-existing stats. These stats are the same ones that are improved by clubs and outfits. Power increases the maximum distance that you can hit the ball. Impact increases the size of the small red impact zone in your aim bar. Control increases the size of the light red impact zone. Stamina increases the other 3 stats by 20% apiece.

Go to the score cards and you can see what various records of yours are, such as eagles, birdies or albatrosses per course. You can also see your longest drive, longest successful putt, and your probability of making a perfect shot. Course record shows your best scores on various courses, among other records that you have set.

Go to skills and you can unlock all sorts of trick shots, such as the previously mentioned curving shots, high shots and low shots, as well as the ability to shoot better out of the rough or out of the bunkers. The chip shot will cause more roll and a lower flight, while the pitch shot will cause it to fly low and be less affected by the wind. The flop shot is the opposite of the chip shot – high bounce and low rolling. Go to change character and you can switch between the male and the female golfer.

Finally, the social aspect. You can only unlock the social stuff if you sign up (which the game will prompt you to do ENDLESSLY if you play as a guest), but once you do you can add friends and start playing against them. You can add/invite Facebook friends or add random friends from the Com2us network, and as you do you earn hearts and stars as bonuses, as well as the ability to play against them. You can play indirectly (comparing stats, competing in rankings) or directly (playing golf against each other). You can also log into the Com2us hub, which is an entire social network and contains bonuses such as more games, announcements, and teams/clubs that you can join.

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That’s all for the beginner’s guide to Golf Star! Enjoy the game!

Isidro Heiler

Thursday 12th of August 2021

Glad I found this on google .