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Golf Star FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, part 2

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At any time before you take your shot, tap anywhere on the screen, and you’ll get an aerial view of the course, centered on where your main target is. From here, you can tap and drag your main target anywhere you want it, at least as far as your club will allow you to shoot. If you can’t shoot as far as you want to, and you’re using anything other a 3-Wood (or a 1-wood for the initial shot), then you can increase your target distance by changing your club to a more powerful one.

Anyways, depending on where you stop the indicator on the power/aim bar, you can get a good shot, a nice shot or a perfect shot. If you stop within the light red, it’s a good shot. Dark red, and it’s a nice shot, while exactly in the center is a perfect shot. Additional bonuses are earned if you stop the distance cursor at the very end of the bar, or right on the flag.

Putts are different. There is no aim indicator, only a distance indicator, and you aim by aiming the shot line where you want it to go. Take into account the slope of the green when you are putting (it’s the direction that those little dots are going). You’ll need to adjust the aim or the distance depending on the hill.

There’s a number of items that you can use as well, in order to help yo uwith your next shot or putt. For the putts, there’s the putting guide, which allows you to see exactly where your next putt, as it’s lined up at the time that you press the button, will go. For drives, you can use the impact drink, the control drink, the perfect zone drink or the focus drink, all of which help your aim in a different way.

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Later in your game you can use various skills for shots, which will make the ball curve in a certain direction, shoot it lower or shoot it higher. You won’t have to worry about these for awhile, though, as they will be unlocked at later ranks.

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