PGA TOUR Golf Shootout: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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PGA TOUR Golf Shootout is a new quick-play golf game for the iOS and Android platforms where you compete with other players to shoot the best score on an individual hole. You can play in solo mode, duel against other players, and more.

In the process you can earn new golf clubs and club upgrades that you can use to give yourself a bigger and bigger advantage. Plus, you can earn coins, gold, tie tokens, and more.

Read on for some tips and tricks for PGA TOUR Golf Shootout!

The first step to victory is to pick the right club for the shot. Pick the driver for the longest shots; for anything under 12 feet, pick the putter.

For anything in between that, pick the wood, the iron, or something else. When you tap on a club, you’ll see the maximum distance that it can safely go, so look at the map, judge where you want the ball to land, and then pick your club using that knowledge.

Each club has two stats. The stat on top, represented by the fireball, represents distance. The stat on the bottom, marked by the target icon, represents how accurate the club will hit. So if you are choosing between two or more similar clubs, pick the one with the best combination of stats.

Take into account the terrain that you want to land on. The rough has less bounce; the green has more bounce, so you might not want to shoot the ball as far if you are aiming to land on the green.

When you’re on the main screen, scroll over to the store. If you have coins and gold to spend, you can spend them on more advanced clubs, upgrades for your clubs, and even card packs. Plus, you can buy coins and gold from here.

In the button at the bottom of the store is the free rewards page. You’ll be able to collect timed rewards of coins, watch ad videos for coins, and then watch ad videos for card packs, and finally, watch videos in order to earn free gold. This is the main way to earn free gold in the game.

When you win against another player, you’ll earn card packs. The more common ones take less time to open, and the rarer ones take more time to open. Start opening the rare ones right before bed time. When you come back in the morning, it will either be ready to unlock, or almost ready to unlock.

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