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OneShot Golf: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Win Real-Life Money, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

OneShot Golf is one of the most unique games available on the iOS and Android platforms today. The premise of the game is that you get to control an actual, real-life golf machine and compete against other players for prizes. These prizes can include anything from tokens (which allow you to play more) to Amazon gift cards and other real prizes.

Read on for some tips and tricks for OneShot Golf!

The first and most important thing is to be sure to keep the game updated at all times. Each time that they release an update, there is a chance that they have also added to the length of the queue for each hole, which makes it far easier to get in line and stay there, so that you have a better shot of playing.

If you are still having ah are time getting into the hole that you want, then your best bet might be to play during the non-peak hours. Check back with the game occasionally to see when holes are the fullest, and when they are the least full, and then come back during the off hours so that you have a good chance at getting in line for the hole that you want, possibly with a shorter wait period then usual.

So what happens once you successfully get in line? You can either enable notifications or choose not to – enabling them is suggested. Once it’s your turn to play, you will be able to change the aim and the power of your club. Picking the right combination is essential to getting the ball in the hole.

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There is not one hole per course like it looks like from the map, though; there are around four, so if you blow the first shot, or if the club glitches and doesn’t move right (which happens often), you have a better chance at the next hole.

Considering that there are multiple holes, often it’s your best bet to take the less risky shot for the more guaranteed points, rather than going for the riskiest shot on the first hole and having a chance of blowing it. Combine the sure thing shots on all of the holes, and you’ll often end up with the best score, or at least one of the top 10 scores on the course.

If you finish high enough, you have a good chance at earning real prizes, such as Amazon gift cards. If you finish lower but still high enough for a prize, tokens are often what you get. Tokens can be exchanged for premium course chances, and the premium courses usually have less competitors and better prizes.

Be sure to use all of the free course chances that you can. The more of them that you play, the better your chances of getting tokens. You can then save your tokens up and use them on the premium courses for the best chance at winning real prizes.


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