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Golf Battle: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

Golf Battle is a golf competition game for the iOS and Android platforms that pits you against about ten other players on the same golf course. You can see both what you’re doing and what they’re doing, so you can see if you’re winning or getting beaten. As you play, you can unlock a whole host of upgrades, making it easier to score that elusive win. Read on for some tips and tricks for Golf Battle!

Control is simple; all you have to do is aim the ball, then pull back and shoot, and the colored power meter (green, yellow, red) helps tell you how far you’re shooting the ball. Green is a close putt, red is far, and yellow is in between. Use red for when you need to initially drive the ball a long distance and bounce it off of numerous walls. Green is for precision putts, but don’t accidentally put too short or you’ll add a point and risk losing.

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Don’t necessarily do what you see everyone else doing during the competitions. If you see everyone going one way, but you see a possible shorter way, go the possible shorter way. Often, the shorter way is slightly riskier, but if you succeed and make your shot, you’re going to end up with far fewer points than your competition, making it much easier to score a victory.

As you keep winning, you’ll get chests, each of which contains coins and various pieces of golf equipment. Some equipment, such as different colored balls and holes, is purely cosmetic, while other pieces of equipment have stats assigned to them. The ones with stats can either be upgraded or swapped out for better equipment with higher stats, or at least higher potential stats after an upgrade or two.

Overall, the best way to get better is to keep playing. The more that you play, the more you’ll see the same courses and holes repeated, and the more experience that you get on particular holes, the more you’ll improve your game.

Classic and rush mode may feel similar, but they have two very different goals. Classic mode’s goal is for you to complete the course in as few shots as you can. Rush mode has you completing the course in as short of a time as possible. So while generally, completing the course with less shots will also be faster, you also won’t have time to perfect your shot; you’ll just have to let the ball go and try to get it in the hole before everyone else does.


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