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Golf Star FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, part 4

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In the first tab of the store are MAJORLY premium packages that you can buy, which includes amazing clubs, outfits and power ups. The second tab is all of your regular clubs (the ones that cost GP), as well as the individual statistics for each. The third tab is all of your outfits (which also increase your statistics) and the fourth tab consists of special tees, golf bolls and other items that give you temporary stat boosts, and are consumable.

The locker room is where you can equip all of the good stuff that you buy from the store. When you tap a new item, the game will show you how much your stats will improve over your old stats. After you equip a new set of clubs, you can then tap on “item power-up” to spend GP, stars or items to increase its statistics. You can’t do that with the outfits, though.

Go to the lucky box and you can buy one of three lucky boxes – the premium one for stars, the lucky one for GP, and the friendship box for one red golf ball. Click the question mark by the name of each box in order to see all of the possible items that you can earn through each one of the boxes

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Tap on trophies in order to see all kinds of different, challenging accomplishments that you can earn, and the rewards that you can earn for completing them. These are often some of the best rewards in the game, as you can earn quite a bit of free gold in exchange for completing these. There are 77 trophies that you can earn in all.

Go to “my info” and a whole new set of options will open up to you. You can see your level and experience as well as all of the resources that you have earned, and how many gold, silver and bronze trophies you have. Go to your Stat Management and you can apply stat points that you earn each time that you level up.

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