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Golf Star FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, part 3

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For each new course that you play, you have a series of quests to complete, which you can either check on in the course select screen or by pausing the game. These include such things as hitting a number of birdies, collecting a number of nice shots, or something of the sort. These can be completed over any number of repeat games played on the same course, not just one game at a time.

After you complete a course, you’ll earn a number of GP and experience points. GP (which we can assume stands for golf points) is the main currency of the game, while experience points will contribute to an increase in your rank. You can also spin a roulette using your hearts that will add a multiplier of anywhere between 7 and 12 to both your experience and your GP, for a huge bonus.

Hearts also double as your “energy”, and can be regenerated over time whether you are playing or not playing. They can also be regenerated by buying them using stars (the premium, “freemium” currency in the game) or by utilizing the social function of the game to add friends. When you run out of hearts, though, you can still play in the multiplayer mode if you have unlocked those.

These other modes include the following. There is the one on one mode, in which you get matched up against a random player from elsewhere in the Com2us universe. The friend invite match allows you to play against someone who is on your friends list. The 10 player match puts a whole big field of 10 golfers (including you) against each other. The practice field is nearly pointless, considering you can only unlock it at level 99, so don’t worry about that.

At the top bar of the screen are a LOT of options for you. For example, the home button is where you go to pick your mode again if you want to switch between single player and one of your many multiplayer modes. The shop is where you can buy a whole bunch of goods.

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More on those goods, and then even more, on part 4 of the Golf Star beginner’s guide!