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Wild Beyond: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

Wild Beyond is a new PvP combat game in a similar vein to Clash Royale and Plants vs Zombies for the iOS and Android, but with a completely different aesthetic. You can play in battles against other players and in campaigns to advance through the world, unlock new decks of cards and upgrade your current deck, and load up on coins and diamonds. Read on for some tips and tricks for Wild Beyond!

The first thing that you should ALWAYS do in battle is upgrade your power plants. When the power plants are upgraded, energy will come far more quickly, and the faster your energy comes, the quicker and more effectively you can flood the board with attackers, making it easier to defeat your enemy. And since your enemy will probably also be upgrading theirs quickly, you could be toast if you don’t also do the same.

Once you start unlocking tanks (characters with super high health and defense), put them into your deck. Then put them out first, and send in weaker characters with high attack behind them. The tanks will absorb all of the opposing damage until they die, while your smaller, more numerous attackers will rain down damage on the enemy characters and base with impunity.

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Normally, the battle will take place on either one side of the board or the other; you and your rival will start sending fighters down one side of the board, and the other side will naturally get ignored. Spells are your best bet for trashing any troops that your opponent tries to send down the weak side of the board. For that matter, they also work well when an opponent tries to surprise you with troops early on while you’re still building up your power plants.

If you’re getting knocked around a bit too easily in multiplayer mode, take a break and go to the campaign mode, playing there for rewards and experience. The campaigns start off easy but they get harder and harder the more you beat; the rewards get bigger and bigger too, though. Test out new battle strategies in the campaign mode so you don’t have to put any trophies at risk.

Experiment with different deck configurations to figure out which combination works best for you. You’ll get a ton of new cards as the game goes on. You want to have a wide variety of different cards; if your cards lean too heavily toward one type or the other (all tanks, all archers, all spells, etc), then you’re going to be put at a huge typing disadvantage against many other varieties of decks.


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