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#For_rest: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

#For_rest: Healing in Forest is a new game by 111% where you run your own forest sanctuary complete with a host of animals. Your goal is to upgrade your animals and fill the forest with the largest and rarest ones that you can find, decorate it to your liking, and expand it so that you can hold even more animals. You can earn hearts and use them to expand your forest even further. Read on for some tips and tricks for #For_rest!

Keep your tree flooded with animals. Max out your number of animals before you sign offline. Oftentimes, merged animals will earn less hearts overall than the unmerged animals’ combined heart earnings will, so you don’t have to have highly-upgraded animals filling out all slots. Just have all of the slots filled before you go offline.

When you come back from being offline for a long period of time, you’ll earn a large number of hearts. Make sure to sign back into the game when you have a good internet connection, because you’ll get an offer to watch a video ad for 5x the number of hearts. That big of a multiplier is significant with the amount of upgrades that you can purchase in this game, so hold out until you have a good connection so that you can take this offer.

You can spend your hearts on upgrading individual animals, but the best way to spend them is on upgrading the tree. Upgrade the tree to unlock max animal and max creation upgrades, then purchase those, and repeat as often as possible. Upgrading the animals provides a marginal boost, but not enough to be worth taking hearts away from the tree upgrades.

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A cheaper upgrade to boost specific animals is to buy objects that the animals like – for example, the larva like logs, and the frog likes ponds. Each one that you buy will allow animals to earn 5% more hearts when they are near it. Plus, they’re good for cosmetic boosts, too. Others, such as the fences, are for looks only.

Gems are the premium currency of the game. The main way to get gems is to buy them using an in-app purchase, but you can also get more gems by watching advertisement videos. Each one that you watch is worth three gems, and while it doesn’t seem like a lot, watching them often and frequently can add up quite a bit over time.


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