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Kung Fu Pets – Summoning Combination Guide: List of all summoning altar mixes

Kung Fu Pets is Com2us’s new answer to DragonVale and similar games, except instead of dragons you get to raise anthropomorphic martial artists. Just like the dragon games, though, you get to make all kinds of different combinations of animals – in this case, by sending them to the summoning altar. Read on for all of the summoning combinations that are available in Kung Fu Pets!

With the exception of only a few of these, all of these combinations require that each of the two animals that go into the summoning altar have at least one of the required elements. These are the following combinations:
Leaf Deer: Forest + Earth
Fruit Boar: Earth + Forest
Magma Bear: Earth + Fire
Wild Wolf: Forest + Fire
Rose Fox: Fire + Forest

Candle Weasel: Earth + Fire
Gladiator Horse: Fire + Earth
Flower Frillzard: Firest + Fire
Universe Dragon: ?
Dark Sabretooth: ?
Firefrost Unicorn: Ice + Fire

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Icicle Snowpard: Earth + Ice
Bamboo Panda: Ice + Forest
Iceberg Rhino: Earth + Ice
Tundra Reindeer: Forest + Ice
Ice Mine Mole: Ice + Earth
Laser Chameleon: Forest, Lightning, Fire (any combination of the three)

Static Sheep: Earth + Lightning
Surfer Penguin: Ice + Lightning
Quake Gorilla: Earth + Lightning
Electric Lion: Fire + Lightning
Storm Monkey: Lightning + Ice
Maple Salamander: Lightning + Fire

Antenna Giraffe: Lightning + Earth
Greedy Dragon: Air, Fire, Earth
Aurora Peacock: Ice, Air, Fire
Odette Swan: Ice, Air
Blaze Tamarin: Fire, Air
Whirlwind Hawk: Lightning, Air

Arctic Tern: Air, Ice
Cheerleader Canary: Lightning, Air
Spring Butterfly: Air, Forest
Wizard Elephant: Air, Earth
Snowflake Myna: Air, Ice
Torch Chicken: Air, fire

Dandelion Meerkat: Forest, Air
Thunder Toad: Water, Lightning
Matador Flamingo: Fire, Water
Firework Raccoon: Fire, Air
Ice Blade Shark: Ice, Water
Boatman Salmon: Fire, Water

Thunderball Puffer: Lightning, Water
Igloo Penguin: Water, Ice
Aloha Hippo: Water, Fire
Spark Buffalo: Water, Lightning
Swamp Crocodile: Water, Forest
Clam Otter: Forest, Water
Noble Cobra: Fire + Lightning (both animals at or above level 15)