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Crossy Road: How to get the UK/Ireland/Scotland secret mystery characters

Crossy Road’s developers, the kind folks over at Hipster Whale, are always adding new characters and updating the game, among those the secret hidden characters that can’t be unlocked using the gumball machine. There are three new hidden characters: the Leprechaun, the Phone Box (or, if you are a Doctor Who fan, unofficially the Tardis) and Nessie. You can get all three of them fairly easily – read on to find out how!

The Leprechaun is arguably the one that’s the toughest to come by. When you unlock one of the characters from the Isles, the landscape will change, including the presence of small clovers around. If you collect one of the three-leaf clovers, nothing will happen. If you find one of the four-leaf clovers, you will unlock the Leprechaun after you die. You might have to squint to tell which ones have three or four leaves.

The Tardis Phone Box is very easy to find. First, play as any one of the non-secret characters from the UK or Ireland. Then go somewhere between 60-120 points and eventually you’ll come across a clearing with a phone box in the middle of it. Now keep doing further until you die and you will unlock the Phone Box.

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Finally, Nessie is also easy to find. Play as one of the non-secret characters from the UK or Ireland, then look for Nessie to float by in one of the streams, just like with the Hipster Whale unlock. Once she floats by, jump on her and keep going, and you will unlock her whenever you die. Or if you die while you are still on her, you will win her as well.

With these characters it’s entirely possible to unlock all three of them in one run. If you pick up a four leaf clover, jump on Nessie, and then pass through the clearing with the Phone Box, you’ll unlock all three of them after the level is done. In fact, out of all of the secret characters in Crossy Road, they are the easiest ones to unlock, arguably.

Using any one of the above hidden characters will cause the other hidden character strategies not to work, though, so you will have to use one of the standard Isles characters in order to earn the secret ones.

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