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Crossy Road: How to unlock every character

Crossy Road has a ton of characters for you to unlock, from frogs to PewDiePie’s pug (the creatively named Pew Die Pug) to Doge. Such coin. Much unlock. Wow. Err… anyways, some of them just change the look of who’s jumping, while other characters have their own special secret abilities. Read on for some tips on how to unlock every character in Crossy Road!

The first and what should be the most obvious way to get every character is to pay for them via in app purchase, but the only time that you see the character select screen is when you first start up the app. When you are in between plays, you will see a play button and an options menu as well as other good stuff, but not a character select screen. You have to shut down the app and then open it again in order to see the character purchase/select screen again.

After that, you can get coins and then spend them on the candy machine for more characters. The opportunity will pop up when you reach 100 coins; every time you do, you can get a new character, but it will be random. When it is a duplicate character, you won’t get anything, though.

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Every so often you will get the opportunity to try out one of three characters. If you like it you can purchase it for the five games that the offer lasts. When you do, you’ll earn 250 coins as a bonus. Do this two different times and you will have enough coins to purchase FIVE different bonus characters in addition to the two you buy from the offer.

There is only one character who you can’t get from the candy machine, which is the Piggy Bank, and that’s because he vastly increases the amount of coins that you earn every time that you play. He also costs 4 times more than the standard in app purchase costs. Every other character, even Doge and Pew Die Pug, costs one dollar and can be won from the candy machine.

There are a couple of other mystery characters who haven’t even been added to the in app purchase store. They will show up as blank spaces in the character select screen, but the silhouette of the characters is there; You can get them if you hack the game, but there are also ways to unlock them via doing tasks in the game. Spoiler alert, but head onto the next page to see how to unlock the mystery characters!

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