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Log into Facebook and you will be able to immediately earn 100 coins. All that you have to do is to go to the trophy icon on the main screen, which is the achievements menu, and you will be able to collect your reward for using Facebook. On top of that, you’ll have a number of other achievements that you can complete in order to earn some immediate extra coins.

Go to the 24H icon to see all of the one day challenges that you can complete in exchange for a coin reward. In addition, go to the bottom icon and you’ll find a list of free offers that can earn you coins. Most of them involve liking or following Fun Run 2 and DirtyBit on various forms of social media, but the consistent one is watching ad videos for free coins.

Even better, go to the offer screen and just tap on the buttons to like and follow DirtyBit and Fun Run on Facebook and Twitter. Regardless of whether or not you actually follow through with it after tapping the button, you’ll still earn the money. Additionally, you can buy double coins for life in the in app purchase store.

Every once in awhile, the game will mess up and your jump button will stop working. When this happens, the only thing that you can do to fix it is to close the app, and then restart the app again. Once you do this, you will be able to jump again. If you come up against someone who is losing horribly, chances are this is probably happening to them.

Look out for other field hazards that are specific to each stage. For example, sometimes circus style cannons will appear on the stage. Run and jump into the cannons and they will shoot you out, causing you to go airborne and get a nice speed boost.

If you know which stages you’re the best at, make sure to vote for them at the beginning of each round. Most players don’t vote because they don’t notice it, so often you will be the one who controls the vote. If you don’t know, then go with the flow until you figure out what stages you’re the best at.

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