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Tap Quest: Gate Keeper – How to get free Gems and Coins

Tap Quest: Gate Keeper is a new tapping tower defense game that brings an entirely new brand of difficulty to the genre. Like most good freemium games, there are two types of currency here. Gold coins are the main currency, and these are what you will use to purchase the vast majority of your upgrades, while gems are the premium currency of the game. While you can’t buy TOO much with gems, you can buy more lives and extremely rare treasure chests full of powerful equipment, such as the Dragon Set. Read on for some tips on how to get free gold and gems in Tap Quest: Gate Keeper!

The main way to get coins is, of course, to earn them when you’re playing, and to earn them you have to physically collect them/run over them. If you don’t collect them, they will disappear and they won’t go to your coin total. Be sure to watch out for the treasure chests that pop up in the levels as they are loaded with tons of coins.

You can even go back to older worlds if you want; however, be careful doing this. The coin boost isn’t that big, and if you get caught off guard, you can end up losing at an early level even if you are powerful enough to one-hit the boss, due to the fact that they require the same speed as the later levels. Be careful doing this.

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You can also watch a free advertisement video any time that it’s offered in order to get coins. They won’t be available all the time and you will need a connection in order to do this, but it’s best to do this as often as possible. The coin bonuses increase each time you make it to a new world, so while in world 1 the bonus might not be high, world 4 sees a bonus of nearly 10,000 coins per video.

To get free gems, complete the quests that are given. Go to the quests menu and see what you need to do in order to complete the achievements. Once you complete a quest, you will see an “N” icon pop up next to the quests icon. Go to the quests icon and look for the completed quest, and when you find it you will be able to collect your reward from it.

You can also get free gems by sharing your progress after every level. This is another great reason to start over from level one. If you don’t want to bug your friends, make a separate Twitter account and set your Facebook shares to be seen by “only me”.