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Tap Quest: Gate Keeper – Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Hints

Tap Quest is the latest tap happy game for the iOS platform (and coming soon to Android as well), but unlike all the rest of them, this one actually has a fairly high degree of difficulty and requires quite a bit of strategy. You tap to the left to attack to the left, and you tap to the right to attack to the right. You’ll end up more swarmed with danger than in most bullet hell shooters, so oftentimes it can be tough to keep track of the action and know what you’re doing, but there are ways to beat the game and to make it happen quickly. Read on for the top fifteen tips and tricks for Tap Quest!

15) If you can’t figure out where your fighter is because you’re too swarmed with enemies, pay attention to the camera instead. When you move to the right, it will shift to the right, and when you move to the left it will shift in that direction as well. Keep an eye on the directions so that you can know the approximate location of your character.

14) Defend the gate. Don’t move too far away from it if you can help it. You’ll need to in order to pick up power-ups and chests, of course, but when you are swamped with enemies, you’ll have to stick close to the gate, attack back and forth across it and knock enemies off of it. Once you have a few enemies left, then it’s a safer time to go hunting for power ups.

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13) Want to earn a ton of coins? Wait until you get to a miniboss round, or another round where enemies keep appearing constantly. Spend a lot of time knocking them out, letting them reappear, and then knocking them out again. Chests and power-ups will pop up en masse, making it a more practical solution to sometimes slow things down.

12) Watch the advertisement videos in order to get free coins. The farther along you are, the more coins each video will be worth. If you don’t want to wait for seven minutes in order to get another video, you can always set the time ahead by seven minutes on your phone to negate the timer.

11) If you run out of lives, you can also use the time cheat to get them all back right away. Set the time ahead on your phone or tablet and then go back to the game, and if you set the time ahead enough (one or two hours should be adequate), then all of your hearts will be back, or most of them will be. Use this trick as many times as you want and you can keep playing for a nearly unlimited amount of time.

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