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Tap Quest: Gate Keeper – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Tap Quest: Gate Keeper is a cross between a tapping game and a tower defense game. This insanely difficult game will take you through multiple levels where your goal is to stop a huge onslaught of enemies from reaching your gate and busting it open. If they reach your gate, the Dragon will awaken, but you are able to use all sorts of upgrades and power ups in order to stop them. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to beat Tap Quest: Gate Keeper!

You tap to the left side of the screen in order to move laughed and attacked left, and you tap on the right side of the screen in order to tap right. Generally, you will use your left thumb and your right for each respective direction, but if you really need to get rid of a bunch of enemies quickly, move both forms over to one side of the screen and alternate your taps. This will enable you to quickly move through a line of bad guys.

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Don’t just purchase upgrades to your own weapon. Keep your fairy and your tower upgraded, as they will attack automatically. The higher you upgrade anything, the more damage will be done. Your fairy and your tower can often hit enemies that are out of your reach, and especially come in handy when you are far away from the gate and an enemy has reached it.

Be sure to pick up the coins because if you don’t pick them up, they will disappear and you will not have them. The same thing goes for when you find a power up in the level. You only have a limited number of slots that can hold power ups at any one time, so be sure to use them. Use them especially on around eight through 10 as these tend to be the toughest.

You use one life every time that you play, regardless of if you beat a boss or how far that you get. If you want to get all of your lives back right away, set the time ahead in your date and time settings on your phone. Set it had by an hour or two. Then when you go back to the game, all of your lives will be back.

If you want to get more gems for free, complete all the quests that are given to you. Keep earning gems until you have enough to purchase a rare chest. These chest contain the most powerful weapons, armor, and helmets, which will give you gigantic bonuses for your attack as well as your fairy and your tower’s attack power and speed. As for the coin chest, save those for when you are at a higher station in the game as the higher the level you are at, the more rare equipment they will have to offer you.

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