Crossy Road Secret Hidden Characters Update: How to get the Totem

Crossy Road has just been updated again with a whole bunch more characters. There are a total of 9 new characters, and as has become the norm, many of them are from collaborations with other developers whom the Hipster Whale crew are friends with. One of these is, as per Hipster Whale standards, a secret. […Read More]

Crossy Road Secret Characters: How to get Pac-Man and the ghosts

Crossy Road has a brand new update with a bunch of brand-new characters, that is in no way, shape, or form, related to the release of Pac Man 256 (and the lie detector test determined that was a lie!). Plus, they’ve fixed that insidious glitch that stopped people from getting the new characters in the […Read More]

Crossy Road Secret Characters: How to get the Pro Gamer and Psy

Crossy Road has an ever-growing wealth of secret characters nestled in, and the latest update (the Korean update) is no different. Now you have a new hidden character in the game, plus an all-new premium character. The Pro Gamer and Psy, just like the other Korean characters, are creative tributes to the culture of South […Read More]

Crossy Road Secret Characters: How to unlock Rugby Player, Michael Boom and Jughead

Crossy Road has updated again, and like with any good update to this game, more secret characters have been added! There are three more for this small update, and they are Michael Boom, Jughead, and the Rugby Player. Read on for a guide on how to get all three of them! Michael Boom is the […Read More]

Crossy Road: How to get the UK/Ireland/Scotland secret mystery characters

Crossy Road’s developers, the kind folks over at Hipster Whale, are always adding new characters and updating the game, among those the secret hidden characters that can’t be unlocked using the gumball machine. There are three new hidden characters: the Leprechaun, the Phone Box (or, if you are a Doctor Who fan, unofficially the Tardis) […Read More]

Crossy Road: How to unlock every character, page 5

The most recent update to the game has seen a number of Chinese New Year characters added to the game. Generally, all of these characters have similar landscape – altering attributes. Namely, dragon gates will appear as will Chinese fireworks. If you get too close to any particular Chinese firework, you will set them off. […Read More]

Crossy Road: How to get the secret mystery characters, page 4

An update to Crossy Road has introduced a whole bunch of Chinese New Year characters. One of these is the fortune chicken. When you are playing as the fortune chicken, you’ll see all of these little red leaflets that you can pick up as you go. Also, when you see a firework on the ground, […Read More]

Crossy Road: How to unlock every character, page 4

The last three secret characters are the following. You can get Matt Hall by using the Lucky Cat, and scoring a great score, which is a score of at least 100 or a score of fifty less than your top score (at least). The higher of these two will be your requirement for a great […Read More]

Crossy Road: How to get the secret mystery characters, page 3

The sixth mystery character is Andy Sum. In order to unlock him, you have to get a Great Score with the Mallard, which is his favorite character. After that, you’ll unlock him and he will become one of your playable characters. The seventh mystery character and the last of the developers is Matt Hall. He, […Read More]

Crossy Road: Unlimited coin cheat and glitch, no hacks required

Crossy Road is the endless-frogger sensation that has plagued gripped the App Store since this past Fall or so, and now it makes its debut on the Google Play store. Coins are the currency of the game, and unlike most games, they cannot be purchased. Also unlike most games, there is a bizarre and wacky […Read More]