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Crossy Road Secret Hidden Characters Update: How to get the Totem

Crossy Road has just been updated again with a whole bunch more characters. There are a total of 9 new characters, and as has become the norm, many of them are from collaborations with other developers whom the Hipster Whale crew are friends with. One of these is, as per Hipster Whale standards, a secret. Read on for some tips on how to get the Totem in Crossy Road!

Monument Valley is one of the games that the new characters are drawn from. For one thing, you can unlock Ida, the main character of that game, in the gacha. In addition, you can also unlock two other characters, “A Crow” and The Storyteller, the same exact way.

If you want to get the Totem, the fourth character from Monument Valley, first, you have to unlock one of the other Monument Valley characters. Play as that character, and get to the river with the (now square-shaped) logs floating around in it. Look for the top of the Totem to appear in the river. Now jump on the Totem. When you end the round, you will unlock the Totem.

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Land Sliders is another new game on the App Store, and another game that Crossy Road’s developers have drawn characters from. You can unlock Turny and Astronaut from the gacha by spending 100 coins – you just have to get lucky, as with the others.

The third game that they have drawn characters from is Shooty Skies, a game developed by 2 of the 3 Crossy Road veterans, as well as two other industry veterans who formed the company Mighty Games. They have added Qw33goorpps, Hooty, and Shooty Cat. Shooty Cat is currently free for a limited time.

That’s all of the new characters for now in Crossy Road! Be sure to keep checking back here for the tips on unlocking hidden characters, and information on the latest updates to the game.