Crossy Road: Top 20 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 4

5) You can play as PewDiePie’s pug and as Doge in this game.
Both Pew Die Pug and the Doge can be acquired through the Gacha, just like most of the other characters. There is nothing special about the Pew Die Pug, but Doge will, as previously mentioned, cause a bunch of Comic Sans quotes to pop up. Such weird. Much distract. Wow. Very Text.

4) How to get the first secret hidden mystery characters SPOILER ALERT
One of them is the Hipster Whale, the mascot of the Australian developer that made this game. When you see a Hipster Whale swimming around in the stream, jump on it. After you finish the stage the Hipster Whale will unlock and you will be able to use it in play.

3) Look for free characters in the character select screen/store.
Scroll through to see which characters are free. For example, the Festive Chicken, which looks like a chicken with a Santa hat, is currently free to play as. Expect more characters to be free during holidays that they make sense for, such as the ghost on Halloween.

2) How to get the second hidden character. SPOILER ALERT
The second hidden character is the Gifty, which is a jumping Christmas present. To get Gifty, all that you have to do is play as the Festive Chicken. Then keep hopping until you find a hidden alcove. It will be full of coins, and in the center of it there will be a Christmas tree playing music. Hop up to the Christmas tree, then hop around it and keep going, and at the end of the stage you will unlock Gifty.

1) Watch out for the police car.
The police cruiser will come around every so often, and will smash into you at the most inopportune times when you are trying to beat the level. You will know it’s coming, though, when you see the blue and red lights flashing off the screen intermittently, and you see the reflections of them. Then, get the hell out of the way.

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