Crossy Road: How to get a ton of coins easily

Crossy Road is the massive smash hit iOS game that’s like Frogger with a bit of extra “screw you” added to it, as hilariously demonstrated when PewDiePie struggled with, and subsequently cussed out in Swedish, the game (which happens to star a blocky version of his own dog as one of the characters). Coins are needed in order to purchase more animals, but how do you get more coins in the first place? Read on.

One of the main things you can do to increase your coin intake is done once you get the Forget Me Not character. It looks like a white block with eyes, bizarrely; however, when you play with it, flowers will appear, and when you collect them you earn coins. That means your coin uptake will increase exponentially. The same thing happens with other characters (such as the Piggy Bank, which you have to purchase in the IAP store).

The biggest coin totals are earned with the free gifts, which you get once every six hours (shorter time intervals when you first download the game). Set the push notifications on so that you can get the alert as soon as the free gift becomes available. The timer resets when you collect the gift; no sooner than that.

More frequently, an offer to earn 20 to 30 coins (or thereabouts) will appear after you lose, and you’ll earn the coins after you watch an advertisement video. Each one lasts thirty or so seconds, and they pop up about once every three to five games that you play. Watch them every time they come up to build up the coins.

Take advantage of that simply by crashing as soon as you can, since the faster you crash, the faster you’ll get an offer by extension. Whether or not you have a video offer pop up does not change by how many points you score in a round.

Every so often, you will have an offer to try out a character for free, and during the duration of this offer, which usually lasts about five games, you will get an extra 250 coins as a bonus. Take this offer when it pops up, twice, and that makes an extra five bonus characters.