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Stormblades: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Stormblades is a new action RPG game with a little bit of a twist. You play as a pretty boy sword fighter who goes through numerous stages fighting against increasingly ugly looking enemies, while unlocking and upgrading a new weapons and defeating tougher and tougher bosses. Read on for some tips and tricks for Stormblades!

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The key to not getting beaten is not just to attack, but to effectively block enemy attacks as well. The way to block standard attacks is to swipe in the opposite direction as the attack. For example, if the enemy fighter is swinging their sword to the upper right, swing yours to the lower left and you will stifle their attack. To block magic attacks, tap twice very quickly before the attack hits and you will dodge it.

However, sometimes with magic attacks there will be an arrow that appears on the screen. Swipe in the direction of the arrow and you will not only block the attack, you will attack back and do a high level of damage to the enemy fighter. Also, when you are blocking physical attacks, swipe in between you blocks to do extra damage. Just make sure that you are constantly paying attention to where the enemy attack is starting from.

Wanna attack faster than you can swipe? There’s an easier way to do it. Hold one finger on the screen, and then tap with a second finger while the first finger is still being held down. The game will register all of those taps as swipes, causing you to land super fast attacks. Tap to the left or to the right of your first finger to sideswipe, and tap above or below it to do a slash up or a slash down.

You can earn up to three relics per stage. As you power up your weapon, go back and play stages again that you failed to three-relic the first time, because they will be far easier to beat than they were before without taking any damage. The less damage you take, the higher the score you will earn, so taking no damage will give you the maximum score.

Go to the Essence menu (the orange gems) and scroll all the way to the bottom to find options for getting free Essence, which involves, liking, following and subscribing on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. If you tap the like/follow/subscribe buttons, you will earn 200 free Essence apiece regardless of whether you actually follow through with following, liking, or subscribing after you click.