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Demon Survival: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Demon Survival is a new survival roguelike game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to play through a number of levels, surviving for the required amount of time or defeating the required amount of enemies, progressing, earning coins, and upgrading your character. You can increase your rank, and even unlock the endless survival mode as you power up.

Read on for a list of tips and tricks for Demon Survival!

The battle methods in this game are fairly straightforward; all that you have to do is get close enough to the enemy to hit them. Your primary weapon is a sword, and that primary weapon never changes, but it can be upgraded.

Each time that you upgrade your sword, your damage will go up. Some of the upgrades will change the name of your sword, and for those upgrades, your attack range will go up as well, allowing you to not only hit enemies from farther away, but to hit more than one enemy at a time.

When you level up in battle, be sure to choose your attacks wisely. For most of these battles, the goal will be survival for a specific amount of time, so your selections should be based on trying to survive. Things like health and movement speed are also important, but secondary attacks are extremely important, because the best defense is a good offense.

Another important upgrade is to your magic wand. This is not a secondary weapon that can replace the sword; instead, the magic wand represents the damage that is dealt by any secondary attack that you may pick up throughout the battle. If you upgrade your wand, you will upgrade the damage done by everyone of your secondary attacks.

Choose your attack selections based on the ones that will do the most damage to the most enemies at a time. The meteor is almost universally excellent here, because the area of affect is so large, and because every time you upgrade it, it adds another projectile.

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Once your sword is upgraded to the bastard sword, you don’t even need to directly slash an enemy to do damage. Enemies will be damaged simply by touching you, so you can literally just stand there and let them touch you in order to attack and defeat them. This is only true for standard enemies, not bosses.

Bosses typically have a pattern where they will launch a few attacks, and then charge at you. Be sure that you are running when they charge; run perpendicular to their charging path, so that they have the best chance of missing you. Then, run by and slash them with your sword, or simply let your secondary attacks do the work.

You can replay any battle at any time , which is very useful if you are not upgraded high enough to beat the current highest battle. This allows you to earn valuable coins, which can then be used to purchase more upgrades, power up your character, and make it easier to beat the current unbeaten battle.

When you are farming for coins, your best bet is to replay boss battles, because they will give far more coins than standard battles will win you win. You will typically earn about five times more coins from beating a boss battle, even if it’s just a replay, then you will from beating a standard battle.