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Rent Please! Landlord Sim – Guide Part 4: More Advanced Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategies

When you get to community level seven, you will be able to unlock the landlord villa. This is your own personal home, and you will be able to decorate it any way that you want to. All that you have to do is to tap the blue ranch button in the lower right corner of the screen in order to get to your villa.

In order to purchase furniture and decorations for your Villa, you can either use diamonds or deco-coins. In order to get more deco-coins, tap on the + button next to the little blue wrench, which is the icon representing the deco-coins. You will be able to trade regular gold coins for deco-coins; simply enter the amount that you want to purchase, and the game will tell you how many coins you will have to pay.

There are some decorations that you will have for free right from the beginning, though. tap on the button that says “change layout“ and you will be able to find them. Notably, you will have a free teddy bear in the “decoration“ tab. You will be able to place the bare and any other piece of furniture wherever you want in your house.

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To change the layout of your house and even purchase a new house, go to the little blue house button that says “change room layout”. You will be able to unlock entirely new house designs here; one of the house designs is available at community prosperity level 20, while the rest of them, as of the current update, have yet to be added to the game.

What is the maximum community prosperity level that you can attain in this game? Currently, that number is unknown, as nobody has actually reached that level yet. The highest level thing that you can unlock is the second house layout at level 20, but you can probably get to a higher level than that at this point in time. Additionally, whatever the maximum level is, that level will consistently be increased as the game goes on.

Be sure to unlock every possible community building that you can as soon as you are able to, such as the diner, amigos mart, and whatever else that you can find. Even though these don’t directly add residents, often, they can be a source of income, and they can also increase your tenant satisfaction, which can earn you more money overall.

You will also be able to unlock new cities, such as the Sleepless City, which you can unlock at community level 12. Once you do, there will be a whole host of other things to unlock within the city at higher community prosperity levels. You will also be able to make more money off of more expensive and wealthier tenants, but it will cost more to upgrade everything as well.

Backtracking a bit, when you unlock the couples apartments, you will only be able to put one tenant in at a time immediately. You are going to have to upgrade the community prosperity level a couple of more times in order to be able to add another tenant to the apartment.

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