Dream House Days – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Dream House Days is a new landlord simulator for the Android and iOS platforms. Your goal in this game is to manage an apartment complex, fill it with tenants, make them as happy and as wealthy as possible (so that they pay more rent to you), and repeat the process. You can start off with a tiny little complex, and expand it into a gigantic complex as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dream House Days!

Before you put any apartment up for show, make sure to fill it with various forms of furniture in order to increase the comfort level. The higher the comfort level, the more rent your tenants will pay. Even adding furniture to a current tenant’s apartment will increase the amount of rent they are willing to pay. Plus, the higher the comfort level is to begin with, the higher the deposit they will be willing to pay.

Increase the comfort in your apartment and then enter the comfort competition, since it’s an easy way to earn money aside from collecting rent. The higher the comfort the better you will fare, and you’ll even win goodies such as a job change pass (which should then be used on your lowest income residents).

You’ll unlock various new research as time goes on as well. In order to get your residents a spouse, they need a couple permit, and in order for them to have children, their apartment needs a child permit.

You can add friends to get free tickets. If you delete your entire friends list afterwards and then add a batch of new friends, you’ll get scratchers for all of them, too. You can do this as many times as you want, and continue earning free tickets.

Add friends who are active, so that you can earn bonuses when they play. Also, if you play long enough (7 minutes at a time), you earn one ticket every ten minutes, stopping at 10 tickets per gameplay session, at which point you can simply save and restart the app. Friends can earn you up to 20 tickets apiece, so after they earn you the maximum level of tickets, delete them and find new friends.

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