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My Dream Life: Home Design Story Tips and tricks guide

My Dream Life: Home Design Story is a spinoff of the original Home Design Story for the iPhone and other iOS platforms. It plays fairly similarly to the old one but with more things to do, more items that you can by, and gameplay that shows some influences of games such as The Sims Social on Facebook. You can expand your house from a small, one bedroom one bath, to a huge mansion, increase your closet score and your house value, and hone your various talents all to your heart’s content. Read on for some tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies for My Dream Life: Home Design Story!

Running out of energy is something that happens extremely quickly, but luckily, there are a ton of items that you can buy that will restore your energy at any point, whether you have already used it up or not. These include items such as beds, sinks, refridgerators, computers and televisions. Buy as many of them as possible to regenerate as much energy as possible, so that you can increase your skills extremely quickly.

To level up extremely quickly, without loading up your house with crap and taking up a ton of space, go to the wallpaper and floor section, and start buying one square of wallpaper at a time, until you end up using every single section of wall. Then switch wallpapers and do it all over again. Ditto with the floors. They’re extremely cheap as well, making this easy to do on a budget.

A strange glitch in the game goes as follows. You need to have a chair in front of a TV to watch TV. Well, set the chair so that it faces downwards, and then set the television so that it faces upwards (away from the screen). Tap the TV and watch it, and your character will sit down next to the chair, on thin air, and face awya from the TV in order to watch it.

The checklist of quests helps you determine what to do next and gives you rewards for doing it, but it sometimes doesn’t show up. If it doesn’t show up, delete the app and then download it again and restart the game. You won’t lose your place, but the quest menu should show up. If it doesn’t work, just do the same thing again.