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Design Home – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Design Home is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is, literally, to design a home – or at least the interior of a home. You can add your own furnishings and personal touches to all types of houses and rooms ranging the gamut from urban lofts to mid-century modern to tropical condos, and you can vote on the designs of others who have done the same thing. Read on for some tips and tricks for Design Home!

You need keys in order to take on a design challenge. Any time that you need more keys, go to the voting area. While you are voting, don’t just vote for the designs that you like best. Pay attention to the designs that are getting the most votes, especially as they relate to the type of house that the design has been placed in. You’ll notice popular trends after awhile.

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Taking part in a design challenge, you will earn cash not only for completing the design of the room, but also if you win the challenge. Usually it will take just over a day for the results of the challenge to come in. As you vote, your keys will increase. You can keep voting and voting until you have all of your keys back, then you can start taking challenges again.

Hit the trophy area to see who the top designers in the game are. Tap the name of one of the players and you will be able to see their designs as well as their inventory. You will see a list of all of their challenge designs, as well as the star score that each challenge design got. The better the star score, the higher the vote total that the design got compared to its competitor.

When you do a challenge, you’ll usually have a specific set of requirements, e.g. three black and three global modern designs, or all traditional furniture. Tap on any spot where you can place furniture, then go to the “Tap to add filter” button and hit the requirements tab. Add the requirement(s) to the filter list and you will get a quick look at all of the furniture that meets the requirements.

Need to make cash and gems without having to spend cash or gems? Try to make the design off of furniture that you already have to the highest degree possible. If you lose, you will still have spent less cash overall and if you win, that’s a much higher profit margin than it would have been had you spent a lot on the furniture.