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Chaos Chronicle – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Chaos Chronicle is a new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Nexon. This game features a nearly endless cast of heroes that you can collect, level up, boost stats on, equip, and even rank up in order to increase their star rarity. In addition, you can collect gold, rubies, and more as you go through adventure levels and compete in PvP tournaments and raid battles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Chaos Chronicle!

You start off with a massive amount of subjugation tickets in this game, but resist the temptation to use them all at once. Wait until you have all five of your hero slots unlocked. Then spread out the tickets between various levels. Each level has its own set of drops, so using them all on one level will get you the same drops over and over again. Use them on different levels for different drops.

The best way to get 5 and 6-star heroes is to trade. To trade, level up two heroes of the same star power, with one higher potential star, to the maximum level. You’ll then be able to trade them in for one hero of a higher star tier. Using this, you can even work up from 1-star heroes to 6-star heroes eventually, provided you just keep trading.

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As far as enhancing your heroes for battle, you don’t have to boost their stats for trading, but boost their stats to deal more damage in battle. When you find equipment (usually in x-6 and x-12 levels), equip it on whichever hero will be able to use it. Each piece of equipment can also be enhanced by spending coins in order to improve its stats. Before you trade a hero, make sure to remove all of their equipment so that you can use it for other heroes, especially if it’s been enhanced.

To get the most out of your stamina usage, farm on the x-5, 9, and 14 stages unless you are farming for equipment. Level up your low-level cards before sacrificing them by sending in as many common/weak heroes as possible along with the minimum possible rare/powerful heroes. Leveled fodder cards have a much bigger experience effect than level-1 fodder cards.

When you discover a raid boss, attack it until you deal 51% damage to it and then let your friends take care of the rest. When you are fighting another friend’s raid boss, deal 10% damage for the participation reward, but then stop so that other friends can get their participation rewards as well.