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Guide to Home Design Story for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

TeamLava adds a new game to the “Story” series of games for the iPhone and other iOS devices seemingly every two seconds, and the latest one, Home Design Story, is just as fun and addicting as the previous ones. As the name suggests, Home Design Story puts you into the role of a combination general contractor and exterior designer as you build a house, stuff it with furniture, add rooms onto it, and bring your friends and neighbors over to check it out. Read on for some tips and tricks for Home Design Story!

To easily find people to add in the game, first, get yourself a Storm8 ID, and make it easy to remember. Then, go to people’s walls, especially the people with a social rating of 3 or 4, and post on their walls “add me” with your Storm8 ID name. Not only will they see you and potentially add you, but other people who find them and look at their walls will see you and potentially add you, as well.

Even better, do the following. First, pick a storm8 ID (for example, “housedude”). Then, go and change the name of your house to something like “add: housedude”. Next, go visit random people and get your social rating up to 3 or 4 (because by doing this, you will be at the top of the random neighbors lists that other people pop up). People will know that this is your storm8 and you’ll be likely to get a ton of adds.

To speed up the coin output, first, take yourself off of a WiFi connection. You should preferably be at a location where you have a bad signal, but still have a data signal. Start a job, then set the time on your device forward far enough to finish the job, then go back to the game, collect, and tap the coins to pick them up. Then go to the settings and do it all over again, and keep doing it over and over until the game resets itself back to normal. Thanks to the bad signal, the game server will often be so loaded with weird data from your phone that you’ll end up keeping the coins you get this way.