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My Home: I Am A Designer – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

My Home: I Am A Designer is a hilariously-named clone of Design Home that has made it surprisingly high up on the App Store. You can design houses for people and to compete against other players using entirely-different furniture than you would find in Design Home, and you can even write a blurb or a quote about your home design in order to try to sell it to other players. Plus, you can earn diamonds and coins and compete to see if you can drum up the most popular design, especially with a small budget. Read on for some tips and tricks for My Home: I Am A Designer!

Before you buy furniture with your diamonds, try to find matching furniture that you can buy with coins. Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, and coins are far easier to earn than diamonds. Don’t impulse-buy furniture with diamonds or you’ll end up later in the game, with more experience, with a ton of things you want and no way to get them unless you pay real money.

When you vote for other players’ designs, look at designs and figure out some good ideas to add to your own designs. You’ll get to see how furniture works together in different settings including settings that you have yet to play if you haven’t already played them all, so you can get an idea how different furniture sets look in different settings.

The blue bubbles are the ones that are required, but try to fill all of the bubbles as much as possible. This is easy to do with things such as pictures on the wall (some of them can be almost universal) and other decorations that go with multiple furniture styles. Table decorations, such as the red flowers or the Venus statue, can add some pop to a room as well.

Hit the second icon in the menu screen to head to the game’s own built-in social network. You and your friends who play the game can follow each other, or you can find and follow people using the “hot” list. Swipe down when you’re at the top of the hot list to reload everyone on the list, or tap someone’s profile picture to see their creations before you follow them.

Once you add some people, go to the icon on the far right, which is the in-game social network. It allows you to like, comment and share just like if you were on Facebook. The more activity you get on your own designs, the more bonuses you will get, such as an increase in maximum keys, so it

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