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Shadow Fight 3 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Shadow Fight 3 is a new fighting game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game mixes PvP and PvE play with both a series of quest modes, duels and tournaments against other players. You can earn new weapons and armor as well as gems, coins, and other goodies, and either complete the single player quest, rise in the ranks against other players, or both. Read on for some tips and tricks for Shadow Fight 3!

The main method of improvement in this game is the equipment upgrades, as they will improve your attack and defense, allowing you to hold your own against opponents of higher and higher difficulty. Your weapon, armor, and helmet are your main forms of equipment, with the throwing weapons unlocked a bit later as you gain levels.

With the weapons, though, the type of weapon is just as important as the power of the weapon. Different types of weapons have different attack styles – for example, the spears have a far longer range of attack than the dual hand-axes do

Even when all of your chest slots are full, keep battling especially if you have equipment that you can’t equip yet due to the level being too high. If the equipment level is higher than your player level, then you won’t be able to use your equipment; battle in the main quest modes until you level up your fighter in order to equip the stronger equipment. The side quests and the PvP battles won’t do anything for your player level.

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Shadow energy is used to upgrade your weapons and your defensive equipment and is earned from booster packs and chests. You’ll also gain item upgrade experience just by fighting, so if the upgrade bar is partially full, the upgrade will be far cheaper than it would have been if you had upgraded it without filling the bar a little bit first.

Make use of swift and smart movement to win battles, especially to win tougher battles. Standing still blocks an enemy attack, so stand still to block and then wait until an attempted enemy combo is thwarted. Then quickly smash the attack button to knock out a combo. Move back via either dash (double tap in one direction), jump (over and left) or simply walking backward in order to avoid an incoming attack. Or turtle up, block, and wait for the attack to end.