Shadow Fight 2 – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide, Page 3

A great way to get free gems in Shadow Fight 2 is by completing offers or watching videos. To access them, go to the store tab and in the bottom array of icons, click the far right “free gems” icon. Each advertisement video that you watch will earn you 1 gem. The gems earned via Tapjoy depends on the offers.

As far as stuff that you can buy in the store, when you are deciding what to purchase first, the best bang for the buck comes from the armor, because it will increase both your attack power and your defense. Your weapons will only increase your attack power. Helmets will only increase your defense. Buy the body armor before you buy anything else in the store.

Sometimes, when you are grinding heavily for coins, you might end up gaining so many levels that you’ll unlock new equipment before you even get enough coins to fully upgrade your old equipment. Skip the upgrades at this point, play the survival mode until you get money for new equipment, then go purchase that new equipment. Skipping out on any unnecessary upgrades will save you loads of coins.

When you get to the highest tiers of equipment, they will take five minutes apiece to be ready after you purchase them. If you want to skip this time without having to pay gems, then simply set the time ahead for five minutes on your phone or tablet, then go back to the game and the equipment will be ready for you to use.

To block enemy attacks, simply hold the joystick away from them. Just like in Street Fighter II, “turtling”, or blocking over and over, is the best defensive strategy in this game. Wait for an enemy to attack you while you’re blocking, then as they are following through, attack them. Repeat over and over again for easy wins.

Take this even further by backing yourself into a corner and turtling. When an enemy is right next to you, you can launch either throws, elbows or knees, all of which are quicker and have better aim than your other attacks.

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