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Enchant U for iOS and Android: How to get free gems

Enchant U is a magical, fantasy take on the old girl game/dating sim genre for the iPhone, iPad and the Android, except with some beautiful 3D graphics to make it even better. Gems are the premium currency of the game. While both types of coins will buy some of what you need, gems prevent the game from slowing down massively while you grind it out trying to get more noble and wicked coins. Read on to find out how to get more gems for free!

The main way to get free gems is to go to the “add gems” menu by hitting the plus sign next to the gems menu. Once the gem buying menu pops up, you’ll see a button in the lower left corner that says “Free Gems”. Hit that and a bunch of offers will pop up via TapJoy. Some are free, while some are offers that cost money (but earn you a TON of gems), but it’s easy to differentiate which are the free ones and which ones are not free.

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Log in via TapJoy on their website, and still more free offers will pop up for free gems, which reward you if you download and run certain apps (no matter if you delete them after earning the reward). Not only are there more free offers here than in the game itself, but they earn you more total gems.

Logging in during consecutive days and earning the 5-day login bonus will earn you 10 free gems as well. If you’re impatient and don’t want to wait, set your iPhone or other device a day ahead, log back in, repeat, log back in, etc, until you hit the bonus.

You can also earn free gems while you are completing quests or going on dates with your boyfriend. They don’t pop up all that often, and it’s much easier to simply complete offers for gems, but earning free gems this way actually adds up quite well, too.


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