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Home Design Makeover: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Home Design Makeover is Storm8 Studios’ newest home design game and serves as the sequel to Home Design Story. Your goal here is to complete various match-three levels, earn coins, and then use those coins to purchase new furniture, new paint/wallpaper, and other goodies to build your house. You can earn gems, energy, and more as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Home Design Makeover!

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You can play this as a straight match-three game if you aren’t interested in the home design aspect of it. All that you have to do is keep hitting the play button over and over again and making it through each level. You’ll keep racking up coins as you keep winning levels, but there is no actual requirement to spend said coins.

One great thing that you can do in this game is to change every previous design that you’ve laid out in your house. All that you have to do is tap a design element, and all of the other possible options will pop up. You don’t have to pay anything to change it, either; in order games, you usually have to pay to change things.

In the match-three games, make as many special tiles as you can. Four in a row creates a line clearing tile. Five in a row makes a rainbow tile that clears out all of one color. Five in an L-shape, T-shape, or +-shape makes a tile that clears one horizontal line and one vertical line. A 2×2 combination adds numbers to the adjacent tiles, making it easier to clear off all of the required tiles to beat a level.

You can take on various challenges as you get further along into the game. Typically this consists of people requesting their house to be designed a certain style. The better that you do in these home design challenges, the bigger that your reward will be.

If you want a hint on how you should complete the challenges, tap the blueprint button. Look closely at the differences; oftentimes the furniture that you have already selected will not match up with the furniture in the blueprint. Tap on the furniture where you find differences, and change it to be identical to the blueprint in order to score as high as possible on each challenge.


Tuesday 12th of April 2022