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Guide to Home Design Story for iPhone, part 2: More tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the strategy guide to Home Design Story for iPhone. Click here to go back to part 1 of the Home Design Story tips and tricks guide.

Each time that you see one of the quests in your notebook pop up that requires you to do something in Farm Story or some other game, complete that quest. While it doesn’t show up as offering any rewards, the rewards are VERY lucrative for completing quests such as these.

To quickly get lots of neighbors (since you will need them in this game), get a storm8 ID, then go to the “community” section and find someone with a sky high social rating (2 or 3, or even 4 hearts). Then, click on the button to post on their wall. Now, instead of posting on their wall, look for the inevitable collection of “add me” posts on their wall, and start adding everybody who has posted their storm8 ID. Since they are actively looking for neighbors, they are likely to add you right back.

If you have downloaded the game previously and for some reason, the notebook isn’t showing up, or stopped showing up, go to the app store and update the game. If you have fully updated the game already, then delete it, then go to the app store and download it again. Don’t worry about losing your game, because your account will still be there.

To rapidly increase your housing value, start buying every single kind of wallpaper that is sold in the store. Cover your entire wall with it, and then choose a different color wallpaper and cover the entire wall with it. Do this until you run out of colors of wallpaper to cover the wall with. Or, fill up your house with various different decorations and objects, and then let them finish building so that you can collect the points. Once they finish building, stick all of them in storage or sell them, and you’ll keep the home value.

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