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Home Design Story Tips and Cheats: Tricks to increase your home value and social rating fast

Home Design Story takes the “home value” element of games such as The Ville and The Sims Social (or any one of The Sims games), and makes that the whole focus of the game, creating something of an iPhone game version of an HGTV show about increasing the value of your home. Everything that you buy in your home increases the value, but here’s a trick on how to increase the value without making your house look like something out of “Hoarders”. Also, read on to find out how to increase your social rating (hearts) to sky high levels.

One easy trick to increase your home value rapidly without adding anything extra is to do the following. First, cover every single wall in your house with wallpapers of one color. Then, once you finish doing that, cover every single wall in your house with a different color of wallpaper. Keep doing this with every single different wallpaper color that’s available in the store until you run out of colors.

When you do this, your old wallpaper will be pushed to storage. Do this for every new room that you get in your house. Also, cover every surface of the wall that you can with a wall decoration, such as a window, a mirror or a painting, in order to increase home value without taking up space.

You can also sell any item at all that you place in your home, without losing the home value. Take advantage of this by simply loading up your home with random stuff, and then selling or storing every single thing that you have.

There is only one way to increase your social rating, and that is to visit neighbors and the community and “like” stuff in their house. Visit as many random people as possible, and add them as neighbors to make the process even quicker. You get 6 actions in a neighbor’s house but only 3 actions in a community member’s house. Every action increases your social rating.

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