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Guide to VOTE!!! The Game for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

VOTE!!! is a new fighting game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch starring Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as your fighters. You get to choose to play as either presidential candidate, and whichever one you choose, you will be fighting against the other one, using your campaign slogans and comedic weapons such as microphones and rubber chickens to beat each other up. You can even buy power ups named after various campaign issues. Read on for some tips and tricks in VOTE!!!

To dole out massive amounts of damage to your opponent, first, block them until they hit you enough times to get knocked dizzy. Then, don’t just hit them as quickly as you can. Figure out the exact amount of time that it takes to finish a hit, and swipe in the rhythm of that exact time, and you’ll land the most hits in a row and rack up the biggest multipliers.

Whenever the game goes into slow motion, that means it’s time to earn a ton of bonus coins. To do this, tap on your opponent as quickly as you can, especially when you see a gold flash pop up somewhere on your opponent, and you’ll earn coins for each tap. If you buy the “fundraiser” power up, each of these taps will be worth 20 coins!

The fastest way to knock your opponent dizzy is to time your swipe so that your weapon hits their weapon (a “rebuttal”). If you do this, they will usually go dizzy in one single hit, and you will also earn a massive amount of points for pulling this off. Also, when the closing remarks come up, hit them over and over again for your chance to win 5 coins per hit.

When you’re deadlocked with your opponent in a parry or you have a coin collection chance, tap with more than one finger at a time to get the maximum effect and advantage.