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Guide to Monster Geeks for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Hits, Cheats and Strategies

Monster Geeks is a new side scrolling game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch with a unique style of gameplay. The play is similar to games like Epic Raiders, almost action-RPG style, but in a side scrolling format, with a bunch of goofy monsters for you to use in your battles. Your goal is to make your way through the levels until you get to the point where you eventually face off against the Red Dragon. Read on for some tips and tricks in Monster Geeks!

After you beat the first stage, when you are taken to the shop and equipment menu, you will see a few extra buttons at the top. Hit the button that says “Units” and you will be able to buy Archer and Mage using Gems, and you will be able to upgrade your current units as well. Tanker is VERY cheap to upgrade – so much so, in fact, that upgrading him over and over will make the game much easier.

Simply tap on Tanker and then hit the “upgrade” button over and over until you run out of coins and until he hits somewhere around level 37-40. He will do massive amounts of damage per hit, and make it VERY easy to win.

Choose wisely which weapon you want to use as well. To change your weapon in the middle of a stage, hit the change button in the middle of the stage. The ice spear has a shorter range but will do more damage. The fire spear lights a fire that does continuous damage to enemies in its range for about five seconds.

In addition to doing continuous damage, the fire spear can also damage multiple enemies at the same time, as can the ice spear if you have enough enemies in range. However, the hero’s main weapon can only damage one enemy at a time, so avoid it if and when possible.