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MinoMonsters (version 2.0) for iPhone: Get free MinoCredits and Candy

In MinoMonsters for the iPhone and iPod touch, your goal is to make your way through all stages of the game, collect a whole bunch of monsters (both rare and common monsters), and to power up your monsters from their initial low levels to being powerful and able to win any battle that you throw them info. Candy is what you use to catch other monsters, similar to how you throw poke balls in the Pokemon games. MinoCredits, or simply Credits, are the premium currency of the game – in fact, the only currency. With Credits you can buy more candies, rare monsters, and all kinds of other fun goods. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

Normally you need to spend your MinoCredits in order to get more candies, and to make it worse, there is no indication from the game as far as how toget more candies. However, it is possible to get them literally any time that you want to.

The way to do that is to first, wait for your battle areas in each stage to regenerate after each one of the battles that you fight. When their one is ready, a bush will appear over them. Tap that bush and see what is underneath. Every so often, you will find a green grubling monster with a white swirl on his face. When you fight this monster, you get candy every time you attack him until your candy is full again. There is no limit to how many of them you can find in one day so keep searching, and keep regenersting the old battle stations on levels til you find them.

Getting more MinoCredits is done in a similar way except that there are two possibilities. Rarely, but not all that uncommonly, when you clear and regenerate battle areas in each stage, a box full of MinoCredits will appear for you to open. Also, every once in a great while, after you finish fighting and beating a group of three grublings, you will be rewarded after the battle with MinoCredits. The chances of these outcomes happening are completely random, but keep fighting and you are bound to come across both of them, even multiple times per day if you play enough.

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