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Adventure of Terapets: The Crazy Scientist – How to get free Diamonds

Adventures of Terapets: The Crazy Scientist (AKA Terapets 2) is a new game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This game puts you into a Pokemon type environment in which your goal is to catch monsters, raise them, then battle them against other trainer (and other wild monster). There are all kinds of monsters that you can collect, from common ones that you can find in any grass patch to rare ones who are not so easy to find and catch. Diamonds are the premium currency in the game, and can be used to heal your monsters immediately as well as to buy extra premium items. Read on for some ways to get free diamonds!

One way to get free diamonds is to do the following. First, go to the main menu of the game. If you’re in one of the quest modes, hit the back button to return to th main area (where you can go to the forums, the shops, customize, info, and whatnot).

Now, go to the store itself. Once you go to the store menu, go to the upper right corner of the screen and hit the “plus” sign next to the diamond there. Once the Terabank opens up, a menu will open up and in the upper right corner, a button will pop up saying “get free diamonds”.

Tap that button, and a whole bunch of offers will pop up that are (mostly) free. Tap each one of the free ones that you want to in order to complete them.

Once you complete the offer that prompts you to either log into Tapjoy or sign up for Tapjoy, and then log in, a whole bunch of new offers will pop up, too. All of these involve downloading some free app or another and then playing it, and there’s plenty of them, so start doing that and you’ll start racking up free diamonds.